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About the Queens Guard

From 1957 to 1992, The Queens Guard dominated intercollegiate competition and performed at international exhibition venues throughout the U.K., Europe, Canada and Australia/New Zealand as goodwill ambassadors on behalf of the U.S. and Rutgers. Founded in 2005 as a special interest group of the Rutgers Alumni Association, The Queens Guard Alumni Association of Rutgers University (“QGAA”) represents alumni of The Queens Guard and Scarlet Rifles, each rival rifle drill teams competing cross-campus on behalf of the Air Force and Army ROTC, respectively, until their merger in 1971. To learn more about The Queens Guard and to view their overseas performances, visit QGAA’s website at

Oral Histories With Queens Guard (or Its Antecedents) Alumni
John H. Cook '38
Vincent Kramer '41
Clark J. Gutman '42
Charles L. Zukaukas '43
Armen Charles Tarjan '44
Harry Van Zandt '44
John P. Wiggin '44
Weston Dow '60
Edward P. Scott '59
Ronald R. Simonetti '62
John A. Frost '67


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