Program Accomplishments


Since 1994, the Rutgers Oral History Archives has achieved an impressive record of success with more than 2,000 interviews conducted to date.  Every year, the staff conducts oral histories with nearly 100 additional individuals. 

Days of research and preparation precede each oral history.  The in-person interviews are recorded in audio, and then, transcribed.  A basic transcript is produced, then, reviewed by a seasoned ROHA staff member for accuracy.  The material discussed in the interview is verified and clarified through annotations to the greatest extent possible. 

Transcripts are then reviewed by the participant for accuracy and to ensure that no harmful or embarrassing material is made public.  Interviewees are encouraged to correct only minor errors of fact or grammar.  We seek to assure participants that they have ultimate ownership of their life story.  Each interview is kept confidential until the participant agrees to its release. 

The final version is posted to the ROHA's website and the interview materials are placed in the Rutgers Special Collections and University Archives.  Depending upon the interviewee's wishes, not all completed transcripts are released immediately for public research.  The interview participants receive copies of both the audio recording and transcripts.