In 2005, "Witnesses to War: Voices From the Rutgers Oral History Archives," opened in Alexander Library's Gallery '50, part of the Rutgers University Libraries, to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the end of World War II. Each display case highlighted the wartime experiences of an individual or family through the documents (diaries, letters, photographs, other memorabilia) that they created or utilized during the conflict. The exhibition's curators were Shaun Illingworth, Sandra Stewart Holyoak, Nicholas Trajano Molnar, and their undergraduate assistants.

In the Summer/Fall of 2002, the Morris Museum featured thirteen hours of audio clips from the ROHA's oral histories in its "Share Your Story: Reminiscences from New Jersey World War II Veterans" exhibition. The audio component, produced by Shaun Illingworth, assistant director, featured recollections of war workers, home front participants and veterans of every theater of war.

In 1995, in conjunction with the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance and through a grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, the Oral History Archives sponsored a series of conferences and an exhibit. The conferences included such topics as: The Morality and Ethnicity of Total War, The Legacy of the Holocaust for New Jersey and American Society, and The Impact of the Second World War on New Jersey. Alexander Library housed the five-month exhibit "Battlefields and Homefront: The Rutgers and New Jersey Experience During World War II."