• Campi, Victor J.
  • College/Year: ED '42
  • Links to Oral History Sessions: Campi, Victor J. (March 27, 1995)
  • Conflict(s): World War II
  • Military Branch & Unit: Marine Corps
  • Theater(s): Pacific
  • Marines Division: 2nd Marine; 5th Marine
  • Marine Corps Regiment: 10th Marine; 13th Marine
  • Marine Corps Battalion: 10th Marine Defense Battalion; 10th AAA Battalion; 1st Battalion
  • Marine Corps Company: H/I Battery; E Battery; F Battery; H & S Company
  • Marine Corps Other: 1st Marine Amphibious Corps, FMF; 5th Marine Amphibious Corps, FMF

Born and raised in Lakewood, NJ, Mr. Campi graduated from Rutgers University in 1942 with a degree in education.  He served as an artillery officer in the US Marine Corps during World War II, participating in the campaigns in the Solomon Islands, Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands, and in Nagasaki during the postwar occupation of Japan.  He served in the Reserves until 1959.  After the war, he served as an FBI agent for thirty years and a Medicare fraud investigator in NJ for ten tears.  He lived in Rumson, NJ, for most of his adult life.