William Neal Brown's Photographs

Images of William Neal Brown

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Lt. William Neal Brown, Tuskegee, Alabama 2nd Row, Extreme Left: Lt. George Lima, Fall River, MA
2nd Row, Extreme Right (Standing): Hurbert "Hooks" Jones, Denver, CO
Center (Floor): William Neal Brown, Montclair, NJ

Images from the 618th Bomb Squadron's Operations at Tuskegee Field, Alabama

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Group Review 6/24/44 Group Review 6/24/44
Dr. Brown served as the platoon leader.
Left: Joe Louis
Middle: General B.O. Davis
A. P. Crews 12/19/44 Pilots and Ground Officers of the 619th Bomb Squadron.

Entertaining the Troops*

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Dancers Bobby and Foster Johnson.
Many of the registered entertainers claimed to be entertainers in civilian life.
84th Aviation Squadron party--floor show. Eddie Mathews and others from Porgy and Bess, surrounded by "J.B." soldiers. 84th Aviation Squadron party--Jimmy Givens gives a rhythmic portrayal of the Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fight. "The Winnah!"
Weekly quiz show,
"Take It or Leave It!"
Cash Prizes.
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The 618th and 619th Bomb Squadrons' bands drill at Tuskegee Field. Concert: Fletcher Henderson. Concert: Fletcher Henderson. Concert: George Hudson and his Orchestra (St. Louis Band).
Improvised outdoors.
Concert: George Hudson and his Orchestra (St. Louis Band).
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From the stage show, "The 95th Wing on Parade."
Sgt. Herb Dickerson singing You'll Never Know.
From the stage show, "Canteen Rhythms."
Cpl. Alvis Tinnin--"Humorous News Flashes."
Entertainer at Tuskegee Field.    
*As Special Services officer for the 477th Bomb Group, Dr. William Neal Brown was responsible for organizing the unit's rest and relaxation activities, which included arranging for entertainers to perform for the airmen.

We would like to thank Dr. William Neal Brown and Suzanne Zimmer for making this gallery possible.