Lukens, Albert Bruce


Albert Bruce Lukens was born on January 31, 1925 in Bayonne, New Jersey.  Mr. Lukens grew up in Roselle during the depression years.  After graduating from Abraham Clark High School, he participated briefly in the Army Specialized Training Program and then took part in the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944.  Mr. Lukens was serving in the 99th Infantry Division and was caught behind enemy lines when the Germans launched the Ardennes Offensive in December 1944.  In the ensuing Battle of the Bulge, Mr. Lukens saw combat and ended up suffering from severe frostbite in his feet that resulted in the loss of nine toes and an experimental skin graft.  After the war, Mr. Lukens attended Stevens Institute of Technology on the GI Bill.  He was a member of Sigma Nu at Stevens.  He then earned his degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He spent his career working at Johns-Manville.  Mr. Lukens was married for fifty-four years.