Howes, Marge

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Marge Howes was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. During her childhood, she went to the local school, Delhi Middle School, and then went to high school, where her experience with sports activities would influence what she wanted to do with her life.

After she graduated from high school, she made her decision to go to the University of Cincinnati. During her time there, she became part of the Chi Omega sorority, majored in physical education, and minored in health and biology. She graduated in 1958, on the Dean’s List, and received the C-Ring for Women’s Leadership Award due to her performance in leadership positions.

After her graduation, she landed her first job at Douglass College at Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where she started working in September 1958 in the Department of Physical and Health Education. She started the varsity sports program and, as a result, she went on to coach the women’s basketball team, field hockey team and softball team, which was undefeated for four years. Eventually, she became basketball chair for the Division of Girls and Women's Sports (DGWS) and taught coaches in high schools and colleges. She became the state’s basketball chair.

Once she left Rutgers, she moved to Connecticut and became the basketball chair for the State of Connecticut. She retired in 1970, after she decided to have a family, and came out of retirement from 1994-1997 to officiate games for one of her sons.

Howes was inducted in the Rutgers Athletics Hall of Fame in recognition for her pioneering role in the development of women's athletics.