Consuelo M. Hirshon, nicknamed Connie, is the granddaughter of Sigñono Munoz and Nancy Redman Munoz, who bought Kip’s Castle in 1926 from its original owners.  Born in 1928, Connie Hirshon grew up in a house in Montclair at 46 Highland Avenue, near Kip's Castle.  In the interview, Ms. Hirshon recalls her childhood memories of Kip's Castle and also recounts later visits to the castle before her family sold the property in the 1970s.  

During her childhood, Ms. Hirshon attended Edgemont Elementary School until third grade, before transferring to the Kimberley School.  After graduating from high school, she went to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.  She left in the middle of her sophomore year to take up an opportunity to go on a trip to South America.  After returning from her trip, she went to work in New York for NBC and read scripts.  After getting married, Ms. Hirshon and her husband settled in Washington, D.C., where they raised their family.

This interview was made possible in part through a grant ROHA received from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.