Machuzak, Anthony

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  • Conflict(s): World War II
  • Military Branch & Unit: Army
  • Theater(s): European


Anthony Machuzak was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey in 1920. His parents emigrated from the borderlands of Poland and Ukraine around the turn of the twentieth century and settled in Perth Amboy.

When he was young, his family left New Jersey and moved to Pennsylvania, where his father worked in coal mines and his family lived on a farm. In the interview, Mr. Machuzak describes growing up in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania during the Great Depression. After graduating high school, he joined the National Guard in the late 1930s.

During World War II, Mr. Machuzak served in the U.S. Army. From 1942 to 1945, he served in North Africa in Algeria and in Europe in France, England, Holland, Germany and Czechoslovakia.

In 1950, Mr. Machuzak married Jeannette LeGall, and they were married for sixty-two years. He and his wife raised their three children in New Jersey, where he worked as a plant maintenance expert. He passed away in 2015 at the age of ninety-five.