Born in 1999 in Brooklyn, New York, Faith D'Alessandro grew up in Middletown, New Jersey. At Rutgers, she majored in history and has undergone the five-year program in the Graduate School of Education to become certified in Social Studies Education. In part one, she discusses her upbringing, family and impetus for becoming an educator. She delves into her education at Rutgers and then transitions into how she was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic initially in March 2020 and then in the fall semester 2020. In part two, she explores the first portion of student-teaching that she did in Woodbridge and how the pandemic has impacted education in general and her experiences student-teaching. She talks about getting vaccinated and family members who work in the health-care profession. In part three, she discusses getting COVID-19 herself multiple times. As a fifth-year graduate student, she student-taught in Woodbridge and analyzes her teaching experiences and issues surrounding student performance after being virtual or hybrid for almost two years. She also discusses her own education at the GSE over the course of the pandemic. This oral history is a part of Paul Clemens and Johanna Schoen's research into Rutgers during the COVID-19 pandemic.