• College/Year: RC '41
  • Links to Oral History Sessions: Hoe, III, Edward S. (June 22, 1999)
  • Conflict(s): World War II
  • Military Branch & Unit: Army
  • Theater(s): Pacific
  • US Army Division: 43rd Infantry
  • US Army Regiment: 103rd Infantry
  • US Army Battalion: 1st Battalion
  • US Army Company: C Company
  • Battle of Guadalcanal: Highest Rank: Second Lieutenant
  • Battle of Guadalcanal: Quote: "On the way over we had to stop at Guadalcanal. They needed some replacements. One of our ships had been sunk and there was a whole team that was going to Guadalcanal ... I think they only lost one man, he drowned, but the whole team ... they lost all their equipment and everything. So, they called us..."


Mr. Hoe served as an infantry officer in the PTO during World War II.