ROHA's Donor Honor Roll

Director's Circle

Founders' Circle

Visionaries' Circle

The Scarlet Vanguard

Sponsors' Circle

The Spirit of 1766 Circle

 Patrons' Circle

ROHA's Donor Honor Roll

In 1994, the Rutgers Class of 1942 established the Rutgers Oral History Archives with an initial gift of $100,000 with the goal of documenting their generation, which was in danger of disappearing from historical memory.

Since then, the scope of the program has expanded dramatically, thanks to the generosity of donors who wished to extend ROHA's mission to new populations and later generations.  All of our donors have shared in the vision of a future in which students, teachers, researchers and scholars will use ROHA's oral histories for generations to come.

The generosity of ROHA's supporters has resulted in the creation of an endowment that provides one-third of ROHA's annual operating budget.  The other two-thirds of the operating budget are raised over the course of the year through individual donations, class gifts and support from corporations and foundations.  Through ROHA's Donor Honor Roll, we honor those who make this scholarly endeavor possible year after year.

You can support the Rutgers Oral History Archives by making a secure online donation.

Please Note: The online version of the ROHA Donor Honor Roll will be updated monthly.  Print editions will be made available at the RLHS Annual Meeting and in the Winter edition of the RLHS newsletter, History Alive.

Director's Circle

Honoring those who have established endowments ($100,000 or more) to provide ongoing support for ROHA.  Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is permanent.

Colonel Walter R. Bruyere, III, RC '39
Mr. Clifford L. Elling, RC '48

Founders' Circle

Honoring those who made significant gifts at the founding of the ROHA program or who have made one-time gifts of $25,000 or more at critical junctures during its development. Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is permanent.

Mr. Tom A. Kindre, RC '42
Mr. Stanley R. Klion, RC '42
Mr. Ralph Schmidt, RC '42
Mr. Franklin J. Kneller, Sr., RC '49, RBSG '54
Colonel W. Carl Heyer, RC '25

Visionaries' Circle

Honoring those who have made significant one-time gifts ($5000-$24,999) to the ROHA program.  Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is permanent.

The Amboy National Bank
The Katzenberger Foundation
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Edwin A. Kolodziej, Esq., RC '48, NLAW '51
Mr. Jules L. Plangere, Jr., RC '44
Mr. Larry L. Paxson, RC '51
Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Psi Alumni Association

The Scarlet Vanguard

Honoring alumni classes that have made one-time class gifts of $5000 or more since their last five-year reunion.  Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is five years.  Classes that made significant gifts at critical junctures during ROHA's history or that have made a total of $50,000 in gifts (in italics) are displayed permanently

Rutgers College Class of 1936

Rutgers College Class of 1938

Rutgers College Class of 1939

Rutgers College Class of 1940

Rutgers College Class of 1941

Rutgers College Class of 1942

Rutgers College Class of 1943

Rutgers College Class of 1944

Rutgers College Class of 1947

Rutgers College Class of 1948

Rutgers College Class of 1949

Rutgers College Class of 1950

Rutgers College Class of 1951

Rutgers College Class of 1954

Rutgers College Class of 1958

Rutgers College Class of 1971

Sponsor's Circle

Honoring those who have sponsored an oral history ($2,000 per oral history sponsorship) within the ROHA program.  Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is five years; the donor's name is permanently attached to the interview they sponsored.

Professor John W. Chambers
Ms. Josephine B. Joel
In Memory of Kenneth E. Joel, Esq., RC '49
Mr. Tom A. Kindre, RC '42
Mrs. Anne Moreau Thomas

The Spirit of 1766 Circle

Honoring those who have made significant one-time gifts ($1000-$4,999) to the ROHA program.  Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is five years.

Howell O. Archard, D.D.S., RC '51
Mr. Carl W. Burns, RC '64, RBSG '73
Mr. Lawrence Gordon, RC '54, GSNB '56
In Memory of Mr. Allen Gordon, RC '50
Sandra Stewart Holyoak, RC '97
Barbara & Barton H. Klion, RC '48

Ms. Barbara Waters Kramer, DC '42
     In Memory of Colonel Vincent R. Kramer, RC '41
Mr. Frank J. Kneller, Jr., Cook '80
Arthur, ENG '50, GSNB '54, & Carol Lerner, DC '50
LtCol Robert E. Mortensen, USAFR (Ret.), RC '63
Dr. Angelos L. Paraskevas, RC '50
Mr. John G. Rosta, ENG '36

Patrons' Circle

Honoring those who have made generous one-time gifts (below $1000) to the ROHA program.  Recognition period on the Donor Honor Roll is one year. 

Anonymous (3)
Rutgers College Class of 1966
Mrs. Anna T. Alexander
In Memory Of Dr. Walter G. Alexander, II, ENG '43
Norma & John L. Archibald, RC '43
Mr. Robert V. Archibald, RC '48
Mr. Irvin Baker, AG '44
Michael C. Barr, RC '69
Dr. John E. Baylor, AG '44, GSNB '48
Mr. George H. Bebbington, UCNB '60
Mr. William S. Blaher
Mr. Michael, SSW '77, & Mrs. Andrea Blatt
Professor Raymond D., RC '51, GSNB '55, & Mrs. Alice J. Bodnar
Mr. William R. Boes, Jr., RC '39
In Honor of the Class of 1939
LCDR Alvin S. Bogart, USN (Ret.)
Mr. James A. & Mrs. Marie A. Borbely, NJC '45
Mrs. Nan Blecker
Mr. Frank J. Brennan, Jr., RC '51, GSNB '54
Ms. Faye A. Bronzo, RC '06
Mr. Robert L. Caleo, RC '52
Ms. Linda Caliendo
Mr. Joseph J. Capo, LC '76
Ms. Diane S. Cavanagh
In Memory of Mr. Albert J. Senna
Dr. John W. Chambers
Nancy S. Christensen, DC '44
Professor Paul G. E. Clemens
Captain Kevin J. Collins, USAF, NLAW '64
Mrs. Susan N. Cota, DC '72
In Memory of Franklin J. Kneller, Sr., RC '49, RBSG '54
Mr. Frank W. Darish, AG '66
Mr. Fredrick J. & Mrs. Joan O. Daszkiewicz, UCNB '59, SCI '68
In Memory of Dr. Fernand de Percin, AG '43
Mitsunori & Kayo Denda, SCI '97, GSNB '10
     In Memory of William B. Fernekes
Morton Deitz, Esq., NLAW '55
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick O., AG '49, & Constance DeSieghardt
Lt. Col. Timothy G. Dyas
In Honor of Mr. Crandon F. Clark, RC '44
Mr. Mark W., RC '05, & Mrs. Allison K., RC '06, GSE '07, Eiseman
Ms. Elizabeth B. Ellis
In Memory of Mr. Howard J. Ellis, AG '49
Mr. Walter E. Ershow, AG '48, & Ms. Jacqueline Jankoff-Ershow
Mr. Ronald J. Essig, Cook '76
Mr. Herbert S. Estell, UCN '45
Mr. George D. Fagan
Dr. William R. Fernekes, RC '74, GSNB '78, GSED '85
Ms. Frieda Finklestein Feller, DC '41
Mr. Richard K. Flitcraft, II, RC '42
The Folker Family
     In Honor of John G. Folker
Mrs. Jeanne Gardner
In Memory of Prof. Robert E. Gardner, RC '44
Mr. Stephen Garfinkel
Mr. Richard M. George
Mr. Frank A. Gimpel, ENG '49
Mr. Lawrence Gordon, RC '54, GSNB '56

In Honor of Sandra Stewart Holyoak, RC '97
Dr. Douglas Grahn, RC '48
In Honor of the Class of 1948
Ms. Judith Anne Gray
In Memory of Mr. William B. Fernekes
Richard N. Grippaldi, Ph.D.
Mr. Frederick E. Gruninger, ED '53, GSE '61
Ms. Patricia A. Guidi
Ralph Gulko, RC '75, CLAW '78
In Memory of Benjamin Gulko, UCNB '56
Dr. Todd R. Hill, GSNB '74
John & Ann Holt
In Memory of William B. Fernekes
Mrs. Sandra Stewart Holyoak, RC '97
The Honorable William H. Huber, RC '44
In Memory of Leonard G. Lomell, Esq., NLAW '54
The Hunterdon Central Regional High School Social Studies Department
In Memory of Mr. William B. Fernekes
       Patti Janos
       Ann Mahon
       Brendan Mahon
       Adam Leonard
       Steve Gibble
       JoAnn Fisher
       Matt Perrotti
       Marcy Zane
       Derek Khoudja
       Mary KinKin
       Darrell De Tample
       Tom Heard
       Chris Ruggere
       Keith Dennison
       Kelly Hulpa
       Bill Pissara
       Aren Apfel
       Sharon Sweeney
       Cynthia Gensinger
Kathleen & William Illingworth
Sanford M. Jaffe, Esq., NCAS '54
Mr. Ernest Jellinek
Dr. Paul B., RC '45, & Mrs. Elyce M. Jennings
Ms. Josephine B. Joel
Franklyn A. Johnson, RC '47, & Elena S. Johnson
Lieutenant Colonel W. Wallace Kaenzig, Sr., AG '42
Judy Kahn, CC '74
In Honor of George Kahn
The Honorable Bernard A. Kannen, RC '50
Michael A. Kaufman, Esq., CLAW '75
CDR Thomas Kinaszczuk
Mr. Roger H. Kirschen
Mr. Bart Klion, RC '48
Mr. Frank J. Kneller, Jr., CC '80
In Memory of Franklin J. Kneller, Sr., RC '49, RBSG '54
The Grandchildren of Franklin J. Kneller, Sr., RC '49, RBSG '54:
     Suesan Cota, Franklin Cota, Elizabeth Kneller, Madison Kneller,
     Grace Kneller, Anthony Fabiano & Shelby Fabiano
In Memory of Their Beloved Grandfather
Dr. Harold A. Kozinn, RC '49
Mr. Roger G. Kranz, RC '73
In Memory of Dr. Harry Kranz, RC '45
The Honorable Martin E., RC '58, & Mrs. Manuela P. Kravarik
Ms. Linda E. Lasko-Saucedo, DC '95
LT Colonel Ronald L. Ledwitz, USA (Ret.), RC '55
Mr. Arthur Lerner, ENG '50, GSNB '54
Mr. Simon Liberman, RC '49
The Livingston Alumni Association
Dr. Charles L. Little, RC '67
Mr. Ralph E. Logan, ENG '50
Mr. Bob Lowenstein, RC '44
Dr. Howard H. MacDougall, AG '42
In Memory of Charles W. MacDougall, AG '42
Dr. Robert D. MacDougall, AG '42
     In Memory of Charles W. MacDougall, AG '42
Mr. Stephen A. Marino, UCC '74
Dr. Andrew C. Marinucci, RC '72, GSNB '81
     In Memory of Tech. Sgt. Andrew James Marinucci, USAAF
Daniel L. Martin, Esq., RC '50
Mr. Joseph Mauro
Mrs. Sandra J. McDougall
In Memory of Charles W. McDougall, AG '42
Howard A. McGinn, Esq., RC '65, NLAW '68
Mr. Matthew J. Mikiewicz
Mrs. Eve C. Morrison & Ms. Joan Myers
In Memory of Mr. Harris R. Morrison, RC '44
Ms. Ilene S. Mulhern
In Memory of Mr. Morris Steinberg
Ms. Mary-Elizabeth Neary, DC '71
In Memory of 1st Lt. John E. Neary, USMC
Mr. Bob Ochs (USMC), RC '49, GSED '51
Mr. George W. Oglesby, RC '63
Mrs. Doris Goldstein Ostroff DC '53, GSNB '84
Mr. Walter W. Perkins, ENG '41
Mr. Christopher J. Piech
Dr. G. Kurt Piehler, GSNB '85, GSNB '90
In Memory of Thomas A. Kindre, RC '42
The Honorable Richard F. Plechner, RC '54, NLAW '59
     & Ms. Mary Lou Strahlendorff, RC '84
Mr. James L. Pressman, RC '67, RBSG '80
Mr. Fred H. Quantmeyer, Jr., RC '51
Mr. Michael J. Retz, AG '57
Ms. Sydney Rhodes, SAS '11
Mr. Clarence B. Riker

Carol Newton Robb
      In Memory of Major Herbert H. Newton, RC '41
Mr. Edwin J. Robinson, UCNB '07
Mr. John Allen Robinson, AG '71
Professor Michael Aaron Rockland
Marc & Harlene Rosenberg
Dr. Robert E. Ross, AG '70
The Rutgers Association of School Librarians

MG (Ret.) Richard S. Schneider
In Memory of Stephen, Paul & Louis Bendes
Mrs. Carole R. Schneider
Col. Robert M. Schnitzer, RC '39
Ms. Laurel & Mr. Larry A. Seese
In Memory of Mr. William H. MacKenzie, RC '49
Dr. Jerome Selinger, RC '45
Dr. Harold B. Shill, III, RC '66
Professor Nathan Shoehalter, AG '44, GSE '73 & Ms. Nina Yonneff Shoehalter, DC '53
Rev. Clarence W. Sickles, RC '45
In Memory of Nathaniel Cyrus Altschuler, RC '45
Dr. Melvin Silverman, ENG '49
Mr. Stephen G. Simms, RC '62
Lt. Col. David B. Smith, RC '63, GSNB '65

Mr. Richard M. Snethen, AG '43
Linda Stamato, DC '62, GSNB '77
     In Honor of Professor John W. Chambers
Dr. E. Theodore Stier, ED '49, GSE '50
Jacob Struck, Jr., RC '51
Mr. Ronald A. Szpond, UCN '82, GSN '86
Mr. Herbert M. & Mrs. Mildred S. Tanzman
Roy. H. Tanzman, Esq., RC '73, CLAW '76
Ms. Goldie Taub
In Memory of Dr. Raymond P. Taub, RC '42
Mr. Sigurd W. Thele, GSNB '59
Professor Warner Thurlow, AG '50, GSNB '68
Mr. Fred D. Van Aken, ENG '50
The Honorable Lawrence Weiss, RC '54, NLAW '60

Mr. Robert H. Wiener, RC '61
The Yoken Family

In Memory of CDR Richard L. Yoken, USNR (Ret.), RC '41
Dr. J. Henry Zanzalari, RC '47, GSE '49, GSE '60
Mr. Ralph Zemel, RC '69, ENG '69
J. Domer Zerbe, Jr., RC '43
Ms. Suzanne Zimmer
In Memory of Professor William Neal Brown