Bebbington, George H.

George H. Bebbington

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Oral History Session #1
May 8, 1997
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Kurt Piehler
Nicole Porcaro
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Richard Colton
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George Bebbington was born in East Orange and lived in Montclair and Bloomfield growing up.  Prior to his military service, he worked in shipping in a local defense plant.  Bebbington enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 17 in 1944, serving in the Pacific Theater (F Company, Second Battalion, Ninth Regiment, Third Division) as an infantryman.  He was wounded during the battle of Iwo Jima, receiving the Purple Heart.  After his military service, Bebbington attended Upsala and Union County College before graduating from Rutgers University-University College in 1960; he also received a graduate degree from Kean College.  Bebbington worked in plastics research and materials research for AT&T Bell Laboratories for 36 years before he retired.