Vellucci, Patrick

Patrick Vellucci

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Oral History Session #1
December 9, 2010
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Rebecca Schwarz
Sandra Stewart Holyoak
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Domingo Duarte
Jonathan Conlin
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
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Patrick Vellucci was born in 1947 and grew up in Jersey City and Paramus.  In 1965, he joined the Army, serving a tour in Germany in 1965 and a tour in Vietnam from 1967-1968.  While in Vietnam, Vellucci served with the 10th Cavalry, 4th Infantry and was wounded, receiving the Purple Heart.  After his discharge, he used his GI Bill benefits to go to various colleges, including St. Peters College, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Pacific Western University.  Vellucci would go on to have a career in entertainment working as an actor, director, producer, and theatre manager.