Laffey, Edward

Edward A. Laffey

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laffey edward

Oral History Session #1
December 2, 2011
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Shaun Illingworth
Christopher DeLuca
Rory McCloskey
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Zachary Arbeitel
Mark Bittner
Shaun Illingworth
Edward Laffey
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Laffey, Edward Oral History Interview, December 2, 2011, by Shaun Illingworth, Christopher DeLuca and Rory McCloskey, Page #, Rutgers Oral History Archives. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).
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Mr. Laffey was born in Jersey City, NJ, into an Irish-American family and raised and educated in Jersey City and Newark, NJ.  After graduating from East Side High School in Newark, he worked as an instrument repairman in the local shipping and shipbuilding industry before enlisting in the US Navy in August 1942.  He served as an aviation machinist's mate on seaplanes, particularly the PB2Y Coronado, in the Panama Canal Zone (Coco Solo NAS) and Florida (Banana River NAS), flying antisubmarine patrols, convoy coverage and other missions during World War II.  After being discharged, he worked as an instrument technician and foreman in industry in New Jersey and settled in Sayreville, NJ.