Namerow, Nathan

Nathan Namerow

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Oral History Session #1
October 25, 2010
Teaneck, New Jersey
Sandra Stewart Holyoak
Jesse Bradell
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Domingo Duarte
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
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Nathan Namerow was born in 1917 in Philadelphia, PA and was raised there during his childhood before his family relocated to the Bronx during the Great Depression.  In 1942, at the age of 25, Namerow joined the US Army, serving in the 31st Signal Construction Battalion, where his primary job was to construct telephone lines.  While being transported to the China Burma India Theater in 1943, his ship, the HMT Rohna, was sunk by a radio-controlled glide bomb launched from a German plane.  He survived the attack, and went on to serve in the China Burma India Theater from 1943-1945.  After the war, Namerow worked in a variety of occupations, including selling life insurance and clerical work.