McGinley, Francis J.

Francis J. McGinley

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Oral History Session #1
August 11, 2010
Toms River, NJ
Sandra Stewart Holyoak
Paul Shi
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Domingo Duarte
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
Francis J. McGinley
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McGinley, Francis J. Oral History Interview, August 11, 2010, by Sandra Stewart Holyoak and Paul Shi, Page #, Rutgers Oral History Archives. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).
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Francis McGinley was born in New York City in 1928, the son of Irish immigrants.  Growing up in New York City, he developed an interest in painting and drawing in St. Paul's Roman Catholic School (1934-1942) and Commerce High School (1942-1946), which he further honed at the School of Art and Advertising (1947-1949).  During World War II, McGinley worked on various projects to help the war effort at Commerce High.  In 1950, McGinley joined the Army, becoming a secretary and draftsman in the Signal Corps.  During his service, he took part in nuclear bomb exercises at Camp Desert Rock as part of the Army Desert Rock exercises in Nevada.  After his time in the Army, McGinley worked in the banking industry.  In retirement, he became a full-time artist.