Spych, Bill

Bill Spych

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Oral History Session #1
November 28, 2011
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
Teodoro Bodre
Silver Laur
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Taylor McKay
Kara McCloskey
Shaun Illingworth
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Bill Spych was born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1945.  He enlisted in the US Army in 1963 at the age of seventeen.  He served in the 101st Airborne, 173rd Airborne Brigrade, and 1st Cavalry, and during his time in Vietnam earned the Combat Infrantry Badge, DSM, Legion of Merit, and other medals for his service.  Upon his discharge in 1966, Spych returned to New Jersey and attended University College at Rutgers-Camden, earning a political science degree and later, an MBA.  Spych pursued a career in the aviation industry before his retirement.