Arbasetti, Robert

Robert Arbasetti

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Oral History Session #1
August 3, 2012
Bogota, New Jersey
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
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Kyle Downey
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
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Robert Arbasetti was born in New York City in 1946, and moved to Bogota, New Jersey during his childhood.  In 1966, Arbasetti was inducted into the US Army, serving with the Third Infantry Division in Germany before being transferring to the First Cavalry Division (B Company 2/7 Cavalry) in Vietnam.  In 1968, he was injured in combat and medically retired from the service.  After the service, Mr. Arbasetti worked briefly as a clerk at Chemical Bank, attended Woodstock, and finished his career at the US Postal Service.  Mr. Arbasetti remains involved in veterans organizations, and at the time of the interview, was serving as President of the First Cavalry Division Association NY-NJ Chapter.