Dabundo, Leonard

Leonard Dabundo

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Oral History Session #1
April 5, 2007
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Sandra Stewart Holyoak
Ashley Greenblatt
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Jessica Ding
Sandra Stewart Holyoak
Laura Dabundo
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Leonard Dabundo was born in Pleasantville, New Jersey in 1923.  His father was a World War I veteran who was wounded in France.  In 1940, Dabundo enrolled in Rutgers University and studied electrical engineering before he joined the Signal Corps in 1943.  After three years of service training recruits in the United States, Dabundo would return to Rutgers to complete his undergraduate studies.  Dabundo was called back to serve in the US Army during the first year of the Korean War (1950-1951).  Dabundo went on to work at various companies in the field of electrical engineering during his career, including Bethlehem Steel, Atlantic City Electric Company, and Philadelphia Electric Company.