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Hance, Borden

Borden Hance

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Oral History Session #1
June 29, 2006
Red Bank, New Jersey
Shaun Illingworth
Jonathan Wolitz
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Domingo Duarte
Alexandra McKinnon
Nicholas Trajano Molnar
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Borden Hance was born in 1919 in Red Bank, New Jersey, growing up in the area until he was inducted into the Army in 1942.  He along with other members of the community formed the Barefoot Yacht Club prior to his military service, which kept in contact during the war through the "Barefoot Bulletin."  (The entire run of the Barefoot Bulletin is featured in the documents section of the Rutgers Oral History Archives website.)  Hance served in the 5th Armored Division as a clerk and jeep driver, participating in the unit's desert and snow maneuvers across the United States.  While in Europe, he served with the 3256 Signal Service Company of the division in England, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.  After the war, Hance used the GI Bill to obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology.  Hance would work for various corporations as an engineer before his retirement.
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