Scherholz, John G.

John G. Scherholz

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Oral History Session #1
November 30, 1995
New Brunswick, NJ
G. Kurt Piehler
Andrew Zappo
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Andrew Zappo
Shaun Illingworth
Sandra Stewart Holyoak
John A. Scherholz
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Scherholz, John G. Oral History Interview, November 30, 1995, by G. Kurt Piehler and Andrew Zappo, Page #, Rutgers Oral History Archives. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).
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Mr. Scherholz was born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey.  His father worked as a credit manager and his mother was a housewife.  He entered Rutgers in 1942 where he majored in Agriculture.  In May 1943, Mr. Scherholz was drafted into the United States Army Corps of Engineers, did his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, and then Camp Edwards in Massachusetts.  From Florida, he sailed to England on the SS Pasteur.  He served in the 336th Harbor Craft Company, building and servicing artificial harbors off the Normandy coast following the D-Day invasion.  During his service, he earned two Battle Stars and was finally discharged at Fort Dix on February 15, 1946.  Following World War II, Scherholz returned to Rutgers, finishing his education on the G.I. Bill in 1949.  He was married in 1949 and had a long career as a truck driver.