Swajkowski, Matthew J.

Matthew J. Swajkowski

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Oral History Session #1
April 13, 2012
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Nicholas Molnar
Kara Mccloskey
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Domingo Duarte
Kyle Downey
Shaun Illingworth
Matt Swajkowski
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Swajkowski, Matthew J. Oral History Interview, April 13, 2012, by Nicholas Molnar and Kara Mccloskey, Page #, Rutgers Oral History Archives. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).
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Matthew J. Swajkowski was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey.  After graduating high school in 1970, Swajkowski joined the US Army, serving as an officer in various units during the Vietnam War.  He earned a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and other decorations for his service.  After the war, he attended Lehigh University and St. Peter's College for his underdgraduate studies and then earned his Master's Degree in Biology from Seton Hall University.  Swajkowski taught science until he retired in 2011.