Allen, Linwood

Linwood Allen

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Oral History Session #1
September 10, 2013
Mantua Township, New Jersey
Shaun Illingworth
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Shaun Illingworth
Molly Graham
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Linwood Allen grew up in Jefferson, New Jersey.  He graduated from Glassboro High School and studied industrial arts.  He was living in Philadelphia and working at Stetson's when e joined the Marine Corps in 1942.  Allen trained at Parris Island and was assigned to Quantico.  He attended aerial gunnery school in Hollywood, Florida.  He was sent overseas in April 1944 and remained in the Pacific until the end of World War II.  Allen participated in the Consolidation of the Northern Solomons and the Philippine Liberation Campaign. His united operated from Emirau Island and  flew many missions from there, including to Rabaul and Kavieng.  After the war, Linwood Allen moved to East Camden.  He went to work for Educational Testing Service and stayed there for thirty years.