Heilman, Donald B.

Donald B. Heilman

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Oral History Session #1
January 31, 2013
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Shaun Illingworth
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Kathryn Tracy Rizzi
Shaun Illingworth
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Donald B. Heilman was born in York, Pennsylvania in 1924.  During World War II, Heilman served in the United States Navy.  He did his basic training in Sampson, New York.  Then Donald trained to be a radioman in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania.  He later served on a desteroyer and participated in the D-Day Invasion.  From 1944 until the end of the War, Donald was stationed in Okinawa.  He was awarded five Battle Stars for his duty.  After World War II, Heilman attended West Chester State University, graduating in 1950 with a degree in Education.