Voces (Voices) of a Pandemic

Exploring the Stories of the Latino/a Community during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Voces (Voices) of a Pandemic

Project Description

"Voces of a Pandemic" is a collaboration between the Latino/a New Jersey History Project, directed by Dr. Lilia Fernández, the Voces Oral History Center at the University of Texas at Austin, and the Rutgers Oral History Archives. Launched by the Voces Oral History Center in partnership with institutions across the United States, "Voces of a Pandemic" seeks to record, archive and disseminate interviews to help researchers, journalists and the broader public gain a greater understanding of the experiences in the Latino/a community during this historic era. In the summer of 2020, Dr. Fernández led a team of Rutgers University graduate and undergraduate students to conduct interviews examining the experiences of Latino/a community members in New Jersey and surrounding areas affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and recession. The interviews were conducted by Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences students Yazmin Gomez, Ezekiel Medina, Carolina Montes, Carie Rael and Leo Valdes.

Visit the Voces of a Pandemic website, at the Voces Oral History Center, Moody College of Communication, at the University of Texas at Austin. 


Interview summaries were written by Voces of a Pandemic interviewers Leo Valdes and Carolina Montes and by Edgar Krupczak and Michael Farner, spring 2021 Public History Interns at the Rutgers Oral History Archives.

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