• Date: August 18, 2020
  • Place: Morris Plains, NJ
  • Interviewers:
    • Carolina Montes
  • Recommended Citation: Clavijo, Patricia and Wilmer Luna. Oral History Interview, August 18, 2020, by Carolina Montes, Page #, Rutgers Oral History Archives. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).
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Patricia Clavijo and Wilmer Luna

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Oral History Interview (En Español)
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Interview Summary:

Patricia Clavijo and Wilmer Luna are a couple that met and got married in New Jersey after moving from two different countries. Wilmer was born in Honduras, and Patricia is from Colombia. After having witnessed violence in his country, Wilmer followed in the footsteps of his mother and migrated to Morristown, New Jersey in 2002. There, he took on freelance painting. Patricia found herself intrigued after having visited Morristown several times. As a result of age discrimination in employment in Colombia, she sought new opportunities for herself and her family and joined family members who were established in Morristown. Having spent years working in hospitality in Cartagena, she found herself working in small local shops. After meeting and starting a family of their own, Patricia and Wilmer decided to use their own resources to supplement multiple local families with groceries during the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. Their efforts blossomed into an organization called the North Bridge Foundation, which has been able to feed thousands of New Jersey residents regardless of legal status and income.