• Date: June 29, 2020
  • Place: New Brunswick, NJ
  • Interviewers:
    • Carie Rael
  • Recommended Citation: Sandoval, Luz. Oral History Interview, June 29, 2020, by Carie Rael, Page #, Rutgers Oral History Archives. Online: Insert URL (Last Accessed: Insert Date).
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Oral History Interview
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Interview Summary:

Luz Sandoval, a contact tracer and graduate student at the Rutgers School of Public Health, recently completed her undergraduate degree in History and Public Health, with a minor in Latino and Caribbean Studies, at the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences. She describes her upbringing and what it was like moving to North Brunswick as the only Hispanic family, as well as feeling homesick when she moved away to Saint Elizabeth University for her freshman year. These events created curiosity for Ms. Sandoval about her heritage and motivated her to seek to empower people of similar backgrounds. When she transferred to Rutgers, this influenced her choice of fields of study and her involvement and leadership positions in MASA (Mexican-American Student Association). After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Ms. Sandoval saw injustices done, when layoffs occurred at Rutgers University that affected her mother and other similarly-skilled workers and, again, with the events leading to the Black Lives Matter protests nationwide. Despite the overwhelming nature of the pandemic, she is hopeful that change can come from social justice movements and that America still has the resources to eventually get back on track.