Director, Shaun Illingworth, MLIS

Throughout his twenty-one years with ROHA, Mr. Illingworth has fostered a dramatic expansion of the program's scope and reach. Trained in oral history and library and information science at Rutgers University, Mr. Illingworth has been instrumental in developing all aspects of the program, including interviewing techniques, website engineering, undergraduate education and community outreach. As webmaster for the #15 oral history website in the world, he has developed an online repository featuring over a thousand oral histories and tens of thousands of pages of fully transcribed, text-searchable material that cover a variety of topics, including social, cultural, legal, educational, immigration and military history, as well as the histories of Rutgers University and the State of New Jersey. He earned a B.A. in History at Rutgers College and a MLIS at the Rutgers School of Communications and Information.