Livingston College Alumni and Faculty

Livingston College Oral History Project

Patricia Graham LC '72
Mercedes Valle LC '73
James Simon LC '74
 Joseph Birish LC '75
 Rosemary Agrista LC '76
 Steven Zurier LC '76
Marty Siederer LC '77
 Robert Snyder LC '77
Steven Walker  LC '86
 Eric Schwarz LC '92
RU '07
Harry R. Knabe LC '93
Nicholas Ferroni LC '02
Ndidi Amutah LC '03
Saskia Leo Cipriani LC '04
Jerome Aumente Faculty
Allen Howard Faculty
Arnold Hyndman Faculty
Peter Klein Faculty
George Levine Faculty
Peter Lindenfeld Faculty
Gerald Pomper Faculty

 This project is supported by the Livingston Alumni Association (LAA)
and the Rutgers University Alumni Association.