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Class of 1961
Julius Fabos            Hungarian Revolution (1956)
Class of 1962
Stuart J. Freedman
Vietnam War


Barry S. Kramer Vietnam War Army
David Pinsky Cold War;
Vietnam War
Air Force
Stephen G. Simms Cold War Army
Ronald R. Simonetti Vietnam War; Cold War Air Force
Class of 1963
Lawrence P. English Cold War (Dominican Republic) Army
Donald Harris    
Andrew J. Melnick  Vietnam War Army
David B. Smith Vietnam War Army
Class of 1964
Carl Burns
Vietnam War
Herb Johnson Vietnam War Marine Corps
Class of 1965
Dennis Brodkin Vietnam War Army
Donald Fell Vietnam War Air Force
A. Darryl James Vietnam War Army
Roger H. Kirshen    
Howard McGinn    
Joseph Sahid Vietnam War (Stateside) Coast Guard
Class of 1966
Theo F. Hardies
Vietnam War
Jack H. Jacobs
Vietnam War
Richard A. Melanson    
Class of 1967
Paul J. Allman Vietnam War Navy
Gary E. Christ Cold War Navy
John A. Frost
Vietnam War Air Force
William Kahane Vietnam War Army
John M. Keeler Vietnam War Army
Timothy S. Killion Vietnam War Army
Charles L. Little Vietnam War Army
James L. Pressman Vietnam War Army
James J. Riley Vietnam War Army
Class of 1968
Robert Sees Vietnam War Army
John G. Zinn Vietnam War  Army

Class of 1969

Bruce Hubbard    
Kenneth Mandel
Vietnam War  
Martin H. Sachs    
Michael Salapka    

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