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The ROHA Advisory Board

ROHA Academic Advisory Board

Ex Officio History Chair
Alastair Bellany
Honorary Chair Emeritus
John Whiteclay Chambers II
Director Emeritus
G. Kurt Piehler
Board Members
Paul Clemens

Belinda Davis
Lilia Fernandez

Jeff Friedman

Erika Gorder

Jochen Hellbeck
Donna Murch

    Kristin O'Brassil-Kulfan    

  Johanna Schoen   

  Robert Snyder

Andy Urban

The Academic Advisory Board of distinguished scholars advises the Rutgers Oral History Archives.  Its chair, Dr. Alastair Bellany, confers with the ROHA directors regularly to review their general practices; development of new projects; implementation of oral history methodologies; publication and communication strategies; outreach to the various state and national communities it serves; integration into undergraduate education; and approaches to new areas of study through oral history. 

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