Workshop Offerings

Rutgers Oral History Archives Workshop Offerings

With over 20 years of institutional knowledge, the Rutgers Oral History Archives offers low-cost oral history workshops for students, educators, and community groups as a service to New Jersey communities. The Rutgers Oral History Archives offers four types of workshops:


1) Educator Workshops (60 minutes)

Educator workshops are meant to familiarize teachers with the resources of the Rutgers Oral History Archives and with oral histories in general as a valuable primary source that can capture history in a way other primary sources cannot. Participants will develop skills in accessing, browsing and searching the ROHA Online Digital Database website, ranked #15 in the world by Oral History Online and develop an awareness of additional oral history resources for aiding students. The goal at the end of the workshop is for teachers to be able to incorporate oral history into their lesson plans. Sample lesson plans will be provided.

1-15 Participants: $100        16-25 Participants: $200         26-35 Participants: $300


2) Conducting Oral History Workshops (120 minutes)

Conducting Oral History Workshops are meant to teach potential oral history practitioners the basics of how to conduct a life-course oral history. Identifying participants, conducting pre-interview research, informing interviewees of their rights, release forms, and interview etiquette will be discussed. The goal at the end of the workshop is for participants to be able to independently conduct their own oral history in their local communities. Samples of the necessary forms will be provided.

1-15 Participants: $500         16-25 Participants: $750         26-35 Participants: $1000


3) Processing Workshops (120 minutes)

You have successfully conducted a well-researched oral history on your own or with the help of the Rutgers Oral History Archives. What do you do next? The Processing Workshop is meant to teach participants how to safely preserve their oral histories and the principles of archiving these primary sources using the latest preservation techniques. A short discussion of possible ways to disseminate oral histories to the public, if that is the desired goal, will ensue.

1-15 Participants: $500         16-25 Participants: $750         26-35 Participants: $1000


4) Developing Your Own Online Archive Workshop (150 minutes)

You have decided that you want to digitally disseminate your oral history collection. How do you do it? In the Developing Your Own Online Archive Workshop, you will learn how to design and create a low-cost, user-friendly oral history website useful to students and scholars outside your community. No prior web design experience is necessary.

1-5 Participants: $1000         5-10 Participants: $1500


Workshops can be bundled together for reduced prices. For inquiries and scheduling, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 732-932-8190.