Rutgers Living History Society

Executive Committee

Paul Kuznekoff
Vice President, Fundraising
Stuart Freedman '62
Thomas J. Frusciano
Vice President, Programs, Awards & Honors
James Pressman '67
Vice President, Outreach & Volunteer 
 Herb Hersh '54
Vice President, University Relations
Ted Hardies '66
Barbara Klion
President's Council
 Theo Hardies '66
Past President
Carl Burns '64
Past President 
Barton H. Klion '48
Past President

Operations Committee

Daniel Martin '50
Robert V. Archibald '48
Sapana Shah '98
John Robinson '71
Allison Sachs Klein 
Deborah Shuford '81
William Fernekes '74
Jim Velcheck '97
Erika Gorder '91
Jack H. Jacobs '66
Martin Kravarik '58
Matthew Swajkowski
Charles Collard '67
Bruce McLeod
Richard F. Plechner '54
James Pressman '67
Ronald Simonetti '62
Arthur Snyder '51
Tiffany Swinarski
Dennis Dougherty

Founded in 2002, the Rutgers Living History Society is an honor society established to recognize those persons who participate in or loyally support the practice of oral history at Rutgers University and to generate enthusiasm and support for the practice of oral history at the University. Membership is automatically extended to all who participate in the interview process at the Rutgers Oral History Archives. Membership may also be extended to persons who, while they have not contributed personal histories, have shown their support for ROHA by their noteworthy financial contributions or their helpful professional or executive guidance and advice.